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Violence by Antifa in Germany Increasing

Increased violence and death threats by Antifa in Germany and Europe is increasing rapidly following the authorities decision to stay silent and ignore the threat. Antifa is a widespread terrorist network in the US, while in Europe there has been minimal protests organised the ideology has spread into the minds of many and has resulted in violence and property damage around Europe. The problem with Antifa is that many of the organisations are foreign funded to destabilise social cohesion. Antifa is a major challenge to individual and economic liberty and European values.

There is a European parliamentary question by a member of the Belgian parliament Tom Vandendriessche (ID).

“Antifa is a left-wing, decentralised political organisation that claims to fight against racism and fascism. It originated in the United States, but has spread in Europe, where autonomous groups carry out political acts under the Antifa banner and do not shun violence. Recently it came to light that Antifa had drawn up a ‘death list’ containing 53 politicians from the right-wing AfD party, together with instructions on how to make bombs. Another popular technique is ‘doxing’, whereby the private details of politicians are released and their members are called on to carry out certain acts. Is the Commission aware of similar lists in other countries? What is the Commission doing to ensure the safety of right-wing citizens and politicians and to safeguard their political rights? Although Antifa has no central organisation in Europe, many of these crimes have been committed under the Antifa banner. Is the Commission willing to consider Antifa a terrorist organisation and ban any sustainable organisation under this name?”

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