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High Social Cohesion in No Muslim Japan and South Korea

When looking at the number of muslim residents South Korea has an estimated 100 000 foreign citizen muslims out of a total population of 52 000 000, this has resulted in a strong South Korean identity and culture and social cohesion is at its highest levels in the first world countries. Japan is in a…

Immigration, Islam

Muslim Terrorists Attacks on Israel amid Ramadan

There has been four terror attacks by Arab and Palestinian muslim terrorists in Israel over a week, this has been widely ignored by media and the public due to the special situation in Ukraine. The Israel police and army is beefing up security and defence amid multiple terrorist attacks by Muslims. Ramadan is celebrated and…

Border Security, Defence & Security, International Relations, Islam

Rising Persecution of Christians in Egypt

Christians are being persecuted more than ever before in Egypt. The systematic persecution of christians is widening and living as a Christian in Egypt is becoming harder than ever before. The government has very authoritarian views on Christianity, even though Egypt is supposedly a country that has religious freedom but the reality is far from…

Civil Liberties, Freedom of Religion, Government & Politics, International Relations, Islam, Social Issues
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