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Canada Bans Foreigners from Real Estate Market

Finance minister Chrystia Freeland announced on Thursday that most foreigners would be barred from purchasing real estate in Canada for the next two years in an effort to combat the housing crisis. Home prices in Canada have risen over 50% since 2020 as demand steadily increases and available inventory diminishes. This is an authoritarian way…

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Muslim Terrorists Attacks on Israel amid Ramadan

There has been four terror attacks by Arab and Palestinian muslim terrorists in Israel over a week, this has been widely ignored by media and the public due to the special situation in Ukraine. The Israel police and army is beefing up security and defence amid multiple terrorist attacks by Muslims. Ramadan is celebrated and…

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Clear connection between WEF and situation in Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is already causing unprecedented disruption to global supply chains, exacerbating fuel shortages and high levels of inflation. The rather convenient time for a war! As geopolitical tensions morph into a protracted conflict between NATO and the Sino-Russia axis, a second contraction may plunge the economy into stagflation. In the…

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Rising Persecution of Christians in Egypt

Christians are being persecuted more than ever before in Egypt. The systematic persecution of christians is widening and living as a Christian in Egypt is becoming harder than ever before. The government has very authoritarian views on Christianity, even though Egypt is supposedly a country that has religious freedom but the reality is far from…

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