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Ukrainian Refugees Not Safe in Sweden or Germany

Why is it that Sweden which was 3rd country in Europe 25 years ago is now the second most dangerous on overall crime after France? The main reason is wrong type of immigration such as mass immigration from Muslim majority countries and the cultural clashes between Middle Eastern and Swedish traditions. Unsurprisingly Sweden does not release crime reports by ethnicity but by nationality, however Norway releases annual reports of all crimes committed by ethnicity.

Official Statistics with information obtained from the police and national population database.

Most crimes committed by country of origin:

  1. Kosovo
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Iraq
  4. Somalia
  5. Iran

These Statistics can give us a somewhat similar numbers in Sweden and Germany which explains that the more people come from these top 5 offending nationalities as a result crime will increase as well.

The large number of refugees from these nationalities has made Sweden and Germany unsafe for Ukrainians to seek Safety and Comfort in.

18 years old Ukrainian women was raped by two men in Germany while in a hotel ship and a male refugee was also raped, the identities of these individuals were Iraqi and Somalian.

A number of Ukrainian women who fled their homeland for Sweden following the outbreak of war last month have told local media they wish to return home over fears for their safety. The Swedish news outlet Samnytt spoke with female Ukrainian refugees residing in the town of Örebro following an incident last week where foreign men entered their homes and tried to attack them.

“When there are bombs, I know at least that I can go down to the basement and hide there,” one victim told the news outlet.

Another woman who gave her name as Oksana spoke to Swedish public radio, saying, “They said that Sweden was a safe country, but I have not seen that.”

The women had arrived in Örebro in recent weeks with their children and were accommodated in a hostel. On Monday evening, several unknown males of foreign origin attempted to break in where Ukrainian women were staying with their children. The encounters were reported to the police.

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