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High Social Cohesion in No Muslim Japan and South Korea

When looking at the number of muslim residents South Korea has an estimated 100 000 foreign citizen muslims out of a total population of 52 000 000, this has resulted in a strong South Korean identity and culture and social cohesion is at its highest levels in the first world countries. Japan is in a…

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Sweden Democrats Support taking in Ukrainian Refugees in Large Numbers

The Sweden Democrats a right wing populist party in Swedish Riksdag has proposed to open the borders for refugees fleeing Ukraine. The genuine distress of refugees goes into people’s hearts and those in distress are cared for like their own families. This is also the case in southern Sweden, where the distress of the Ukrainians…

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Ukrainian Refugees Not Safe in Sweden or Germany

Why is it that Sweden which was 3rd country in Europe 25 years ago is now the second most dangerous on overall crime after France? The main reason is wrong type of immigration such as mass immigration from Muslim majority countries and the cultural clashes between Middle Eastern and Swedish traditions. Unsurprisingly Sweden does not…

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