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Canada Bans Foreigners from Real Estate Market

Finance minister Chrystia Freeland announced on Thursday that most foreigners would be barred from purchasing real estate in Canada for the next two years in an effort to combat the housing crisis. Home prices in Canada have risen over 50% since 2020 as demand steadily increases and available inventory diminishes. This is an authoritarian way…

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Bringing Back Mandatory Military Service in Europe

Mandatory Military Conscription is part of national defence and having it for both men and women, creates a better understanding of how the military works and is part of national identity. In Europe Switzerland, Finland, Cyprus, and Greece have mandatory service for all males once they reach adulthood. Sweden and Denmark have mandatory conscription with…

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Germany Confiscating Guns

Germany is once again attacking civilian gun ownership rights by disarming 1500 people who are so called extremists. The last time this was done was under National Socialist leader Hitler, Germany is repeating its past mistake from 1938 when Hitler authorized the Gun Control Act that banned “enemies of the state,” such as liberals and…

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Ecash Act Bill For A Digital Dollar

Ecash Act is a new legislation that requires the Federal Reserve to issue digital dollars instead of paper currency, and it will eventually lead into cancelling paper currency reserves by first stopping the printing paper currency. On Monday the 28th of March 2022 Reps. Stephen Lynch, Jesús Chuy Garcia, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib have…

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Sweden Democrats Support taking in Ukrainian Refugees in Large Numbers

The Sweden Democrats a right wing populist party in Swedish Riksdag has proposed to open the borders for refugees fleeing Ukraine. The genuine distress of refugees goes into people’s hearts and those in distress are cared for like their own families. This is also the case in southern Sweden, where the distress of the Ukrainians…

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Rising Persecution of Christians in Egypt

Christians are being persecuted more than ever before in Egypt. The systematic persecution of christians is widening and living as a Christian in Egypt is becoming harder than ever before. The government has very authoritarian views on Christianity, even though Egypt is supposedly a country that has religious freedom but the reality is far from…

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