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Globalist technocrats have long been devising a global identity that would be needed for everyday life, and as a result, totalitarianism…

Globalist technocrats have long been devising a global identity that would be needed for everyday life, and as a result, totalitarianism and citizens can be controlled by which services they are entitled to access.

“Whether people understand it or not, The Great Reset is a globalist plan that is advancing at the speed of light. The Covid-19 pandemic was an integral part of that plan.” This is what Dr. Joseph Mercola writes in his article on LifeSiteNews, March 9, 2022, “The Technocrats Behind The Great Reset Are Boosting Digital IDs.”

Coleman believes that if the West decides to intervene militarily after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is because these conspirators want it to happen and see it as a way to further damage the world economy and cause a few million deaths.

“Based on rhetoric from Washington and London, both Biden and Johnson are desperate to make the situation worse, create more horror, raise energy prices and make everyone fear.

Ukraine has already joined the Great Reset plans years ago and has the most powerful digital identity as Ukraine has up to ten different identities of paper in use which are also digital. In Ukraine, many law reform has promoted the Great Reset plan and Zelensky is very active in the World Economic Forum and often meets with Klaus Schwab.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed the world what Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset is really about for the average person. “They want to be able to pick up every single person … even if it’s just a few meager dollars, and seize revenge on everything you have. Trudeau had to resort to exceptional emergency powers to do so. In the future, they want to be able to do it automatically and continuously. be sure that the digitalisation of your identity and finances means that they have the power to punish your finances if you start to squirm. In the worst case, they have the power to completely exclude you from your credentials. ” The events after 2020 will tell us little by little how totalitarianism will be built and what it will look like, things will go much worse when we get to the end of 2022.

The World Economic Forum plans to digitize all personal data and link it to public and certain private companies. Joseph Mercola stresses that he really cannot exaggerate the danger that comes with digitizing and linking all of our personal information together. As the WEF itself has pointed out, our digital identity “determines which products, services and information we have access to – or, accordingly, which we are denied access to”.

Tim Hinchliffe warns:

“Your digital identity can be used against you in the event of a major reset… Although digital identities hold great promise to improve the livelihoods of millions of people, authoritarian governments also use them to profile and monitor citizens’ behavior under the Social Credit System. The idea behind digital identities is quite simple. All data collected from your online interactions with the private and public sectors will be used to form your digital identity. “

These may include your personal information:

– Search history

– Social media interaction

– Online profiles

– Device location

– Patient information

– Financial information

– Legal documents

By connecting everyone to interact online and offline, WEF envisions that your digital identity will be connected:

– For every click, comment, and post on social media

– For every financial event you record

– Your location and where you are traveling

– For what you buy and sell

– For personal health and patient information

– For websites you visit

– Your participation in civic activities (eg voting, taxes, benefits, etc.)

– How much energy you consume

Tim Hinchliffe summarizes:

“Digital identity thus becomes an account of your social behavior that can be monitored… In other words, a class system is created in which people are given access to privileged information, products and / or services based on the information stored in their digital identity.”

Hinchliffe rightly points out that there is a big difference between identity and identity card. Identity refers to documents that prove you are who you claim to be. Digital identity is NOT just a form of identification. Your “identity” is who you really are, and your digital identity keeps a permanent record of your choices and behaviors 24/7.

“Identity encompasses everything that makes you unique,” Hinchliffe points out, “and your identity is what the WEF is really interested in. It’s different from the line, and every social media interaction you engage in, every euro you trade and every move you make can be used against you. “

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