Criminals undermining Nordic exceptionalism

The problem with foreign criminals is that they’re undermining the Nordic model of forgiveness and rehabilitation as model for combating…

The problem with foreign criminals is that they’re undermining the Nordic model of forgiveness and rehabilitation as model for combating crime, as crime increases the solution by politicians is always to increase the number of police officers and introduce tougher sentences for criminals but this is exactly what makes the difference between Nordic countries and USA for example. The result of policies introduced by politicians during rising crime means less freedom and privacy due to more police control and authoritarianism. The tax burden is higher than ever before yet it seems the benefits are decreasing and many more are becoming frustrated with high tax rates, and the wealthy are often moving abroad themselves of using complex tax strategies to minimize their taxes.

People without any moral integrity have been able to hide behind the protection of personal integrity. No one is as unprotected as a crime victim. The integrity of the dishonest can be safeguarded in a decent society, while the integrity of the dishonest is corrupted by increased expenses for dishonesty. The problem is always that we make assumptions and exaggerate on how life in immigrant ghettos are, the low employment rate, the lack of integration or social problems. There is growing divide and lack of social trust between individuals among themselves and lack of trust for public authorities this situation is very comparable to the UK or USA where people tend to be more sceptical of authorities and there almost a elite ruling class that does not interact with ordinary people at all. This is and was the opposite in the Nordic countries having the highest trust for public authorities, however with mass immigration to Sweden the trust between people and the government has been declining an example is Rosengård, Malmö a district with a foreign population of over 90% by ethnicity of non western background, all these 60 officially declared vulnerable areas in Sweden have high lack of trust and great social issues.

When comparing Sweden to other Nordic countries the situation is not as extreme and immigrants tend to be far more integrated into society with many speaking fluently the local language, having higher rates of employment even when Sweden has higher employment rate than Finland or Denmark. In Finland this has been linked into lower levels of immigrants from Middle East and more from Eastern Europe and Russia, and people from these regions are better at integrating as a whole and tend to assimilate very well so that their descendants have very minimal differences to native residents.

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