Muslim Terrorists Attacks on Israel amid Ramadan

There has been four terror attacks by Arab and Palestinian muslim terrorists in Israel over a week, this has been widely ignored by media and the public due to the special situation in Ukraine. The Israel police and army is beefing up security and defence amid multiple terrorist attacks by Muslims. Ramadan is celebrated and seen by muslims as a call for jihad against infidels.

“A 28-year-old Israeli civilian was seriously wounded around 9 AM this morning after being stabbed multiple times by a Palestinian terrorist wielding a screwdriver on a bus near a Jewish settlement of Elazar in the West Bank.

The assailant was identified as 30-year-old Palestinian resident of Bethlehem, who was shot dead by another passenger according to a statement from the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.”

Terrorism used an a excuse for more authoritarian police powers;

“The increased operational activity follows the signing of an executive order by Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz providing a legal framework to conduct administrative detentions of anyone suspected of terror activities.”

Islamic Terrorist named Bedouin Arab murdered four people in a stabbing and car ramming attack in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba on 22 March, followed by the deadly shooting of two victims by two Arab gunmen in the central city of Hadera on 27 March. Israeli authorities said all of the assailants, who were killed during their deadly attacks, were loyal to Islamic State terror group.

Muslims are calling for jihad more than ever, and the security policy of many western nations is too weak to tackle terrorism. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin warning of retaliatory strikes against U.S. targets in the wake of the U.S. operation that resulted in the death of the previous emir.

  • On 21 March, in Afghanistan, Islamic State Wilayat Khorosan released a video depicting jihadis pledging allegiance to al-Qurayshi.
  • On 18 March, in Somalia, Islamic State Wilayat Somal released a video with members pledging allegiance to al-Qurayshi.
  • On 17 March Islamic State Wilayat Iraq released a video showing 8 separate groups of Jihadis pledging allegiance to al-Qurayshi.

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