Bringing Back Mandatory Military Service in Europe

Mandatory Military Conscription is part of national defence and having it for both men and women, creates a better understanding of how the military works and is part of national identity. In Europe Switzerland, Finland, Cyprus, and Greece have mandatory service for all males once they reach adulthood. Sweden and Denmark have mandatory conscription with relatively relaxed exemptions.

The benefits of mandatory military service are that young people are able to learn discipline which will help them later in their life. Higher readiness and mobilization and more trained reservists in case of war.

Other benefits are;

  • Physical fitness level will improve
  • You may learn important skills during your military service
  • You can meet friends for a lifetime
  • Joining the military may give you some additional benefits
  • You may want to stay in the military
  • You may earn some money
  • Social status doesn’t play a role
  • Can help to promote patriotism

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