Day: 25 March 2022

Trans people trapped in Ukraine because of gender listed on documents

As the situation in Ukraine gets worse, hundreds of thousands have fled the country seeking safety. However members of the trans community have shared how they are trapped in Ukraine due to the fact their official documents do not align with their gender. Trans people have expressed their fears of being stopped at Ukraine borders by authorities due to the fact passports and documents contain their “old names”, leading to some Trans women worrying they will be conscripted into fighting as their country will not allow men between the ages of 18-60 leave. In an interview with Vice, Trans woman Zi Faámelu shared, “Like hundreds of Trans people in Ukraine, I am a woman, but I have ‘male’ in my passport and on all my ID, so this is a war within a war.” Faámelu continued, “I’m completely alone now. Everybody in my neighbourhood has left. It’s such a dangerous situation, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. I’ve seen people running for their lives, and screaming at each other to leave things behind and just get out, but I have to stay where I am. It’s the only option for me right now.”

“It is very dangerous for me as a Trans person in Ukraine on a normal day, so now, it is impossible,” Faámelu explained. “Many gay people in Ukraine can blend in with the rest of society now, but for Trans people it is impossible. There are so many physical traits that we are attacked for […] we’re beaten, we’re killed. We need to get out now, but we can’t even leave our apartments.”

TGEU, the Transgender Europe network, listed some of the issues Trans people could face, including;

  • Trans people with identification documents not matching their gender identity cannot pass internal check-points. This considerably reduces their chances to flee areas of conflict, makes them vulnerable, and threatens their lives and physical integrity.
  • Trans people are currently not allowed to leave Ukraine if they are of fighting age and either perceived as male or having an official ‘male’ gender marker.
  • Trans people in Ukraine having to show a biometric passport to enter the EU are at particular risk. Many Trans people in Ukraine do not have a travel passport, let alone a biometric passport that correctly reflects their gender identity.
  • Trans people might be excluded from civil defence measures, like shelters or humanitarian aid, if based on presenting ID. Access to food banks, shelters, and other basic essentials often requires a valid identity card.

The situation for the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine is very concerning. In a recent letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, US Ambassador Bathsheba Nell Crocker reported “we have credible information that indicates Russian forces are creating lists of identified Ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps following a military occupation.”

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The Russians have deported 6,000 people to distant cities in Russia

Russians are massively deporting Ukrainians from Mariupol, which is under Russian siege – at least 6,000 people have already been displaced. The Russians are forcing people to get on buses and taking them to “filter camps”, after which people are sent to distant cities in Russia, “Ukrainian journalist Anastasia Lapatina wrote on Twitter today . Another 15,000 are ready for deportation to Russia. In the last 20 days, the Russian military has prevented the evacuation of civilians who want to flee the bombs, say Mariupol officials. Now the Russian occupiers are forcibly deporting thousands of Mariupol residents to Russia!”, Writes the Local Council on the Telegram page of the Mariupol Local Council .

“Residents of the Left Bank are beginning to be deported en masse to Russia,” the Mariupol institution wrote. “In total, about 15,000 Mariupolens were prepared for deportation. These are about half of all residents who are still in the Left Bank neighborhood. It is known that the occupiers are forcing people already exhausted by the war to get on the buses. There are also reports that Russian occupiers have confiscated people’s passports and other Ukrainian identity documents, “the statement said. “The deportees are first taken to the so-called filter camps, from where they are redistributed to various remote cities in Russia. Today, it is known that approximately 6,000 Mariupolens have already been forcibly deported to the territory of the occupier “ , according to the Mariupol institution. “Despite the fact that the Russian side regularly announces the possible evacuation of people on the territory controlled by Ukraine, in reality this is not the case, adds the institution. For the past 20 days, occupants have blocked the evacuation column and prevented people from being rescued safely. Right now, buses leaving Zaporizhia for Berdyansk to evacuate Mariupol residents have been blocked. Obviously, this is done only to prevent people from returning to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Despite the fact that this is what the inhabitants of the Ukrainian city want. ”

“What the Russian occupiers are doing cannot be explained. At first, he blocks a peaceful city, deliberately kills people, and then forcibly deports them to their territory. Ukraine experienced this only during World War II. Unfortunately, history repeats itself. It’s just that now instead of Nazis – racists. We are now building a database of deported residents from Mariupol and we will work on their return to Ukraine , “said Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko.

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Biden Supporting Terrorist Houthis

Back in 2021 The Biden administration removed the Houthis as a terrorist organisation from being blacklisted by the state department, and a year later the chaos it has caused, so why did Biden support terrorism and compromise the reputation of the US as a strong and reliable ally. The Houthis were categorised as terrorists by Trump and this had a positive effect in the Middle East region and the allies of US were protected and safe from drone attacks, until Biden became president.

  • The Gulf states, in particular Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are already under attack by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen. The Biden administration removed the Houthis from the list of foreign terrorist organizations and has since refused to reclassify it as a terrorist organization, despite the missile and drone attacks on Washington’s Arab allies and friends as recently as this week.
  • It is true that the United States wants to withdraw from the region, but Washington will then have given China, Russia and Iran unprecedented strength
  • Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are leading internal and regional efforts to bring stability and moderation.
  • The idiotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which enabled the Taliban to seize control of the country, removing the Houthi militia from the terrorism list, seeking to remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the list of terrorism, silence about Iranian bombing of Iraqi Kurdistan – these are very dangerous policies for the world and the Arab countries that support stability and peace.
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Biden announces 800M Ukraine

President Joe Biden announced an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine as he sought to answer his Ukrainian counterpart’s impassioned call for help and leadership delivered to Congress earlier in the day. “The world is united in our support for Ukraine and our determination to make (Russian President Vladimir) Putin pay a very heavy price,” Biden said before signing a presidential memorandum at the White House to deliver the military assistance. “America is leading this effort, together with our allies and partners, providing an enormous level of security and humanitarian assistance that we’re adding to today and we’re going to continue to do more in the days and weeks ahead.”

The new details about the US’ military assistance to Ukraine comes hours after Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, addressed US members of Congress, renewing his calls for more assistance as his homeland continues to battle Russian military’s invasion.

Biden, in his remarks on Wednesday, attempted to level with Americans about the long road ahead in the war.

“I want to be honest with you,” the President said. “This could be a long and difficult battle. But the American people will be steadfast in our support of the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s immoral, unethical attacks on civilian population.” According to the White House, the $800 million in security assistance will provide Ukraine with: 800 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 100 drones, “over 20 million rounds of small arms ammunition and grenade launcher and mortar rounds,” 25,000 sets of body armor, 25,000 helmets, 100 grenade launchers, 5,000 rifles, 1,000 pistols, 400 machine guns, 400 shotguns, as well as “2,000 Javelin, 1,000 light anti-armor weapons, and 6,000 AT-4 anti-armor systems.”

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Czech Republic Seizing All Russian Assets

There are official talks in Czech Republic to seize assets of Russian people. Leading Czech politicians are calling for all property within the Czech Republic of all Russians to be indefinitely ‘frozen’ in violation of international law. The onus would be on the victims to “prove” that they are against the Putin regime. There are about 40,000 Russians living in the Czech Republic, plus others who have property or businesses there. The EU is increasingly being viewed as an evil, lawless government, however the eastern European EU members are now even worse than the western ones. They seem to go further violating international law trying to prove to the West that they are good little obedient vassals. Czech Republic has been going towards communism since the covid crash.

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Ukrainian Refugees Not Safe in Sweden or Germany

Why is it that Sweden which was 3rd country in Europe 25 years ago is now the second most dangerous on overall crime after France? The main reason is wrong type of immigration such as mass immigration from Muslim majority countries and the cultural clashes between Middle Eastern and Swedish traditions. Unsurprisingly Sweden does not release crime reports by ethnicity but by nationality, however Norway releases annual reports of all crimes committed by ethnicity.

Official Statistics with information obtained from the police and national population database.

Most crimes committed by country of origin:

  1. Kosovo
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Iraq
  4. Somalia
  5. Iran

These Statistics can give us a somewhat similar numbers in Sweden and Germany which explains that the more people come from these top 5 offending nationalities as a result crime will increase as well.

The large number of refugees from these nationalities has made Sweden and Germany unsafe for Ukrainians to seek Safety and Comfort in.

18 years old Ukrainian women was raped by two men in Germany while in a hotel ship and a male refugee was also raped, the identities of these individuals were Iraqi and Somalian.

A number of Ukrainian women who fled their homeland for Sweden following the outbreak of war last month have told local media they wish to return home over fears for their safety. The Swedish news outlet Samnytt spoke with female Ukrainian refugees residing in the town of Örebro following an incident last week where foreign men entered their homes and tried to attack them.

“When there are bombs, I know at least that I can go down to the basement and hide there,” one victim told the news outlet.

Another woman who gave her name as Oksana spoke to Swedish public radio, saying, “They said that Sweden was a safe country, but I have not seen that.”

The women had arrived in Örebro in recent weeks with their children and were accommodated in a hostel. On Monday evening, several unknown males of foreign origin attempted to break in where Ukrainian women were staying with their children. The encounters were reported to the police.

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Germany confiscating guns

Germany is once again attacking civilian gun ownership rights by disarming 1500 people who are so called extremists. The last time this was done was under National Socialist leader Hitler, Germany is repeating its past mistake from 1938 when Hitler authorized the Gun Control Act that banned “enemies of the state,” such as liberals and Jews, from owning firearms. A few weeks later Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) occurred and the people were unable to defend themselves. As we know, it was only a downhill battle from there where the German people were utterly helpless against the Third Reich. At a time when most of the world is praising Zelensky for arming civilians and praising the people for protecting their country, the rest of the Western world continues to condemn private gun ownership at a rapid pace. Germany will begin disarming 1,500 people who they suspect (not confirmed) are extremists. Germany already has strict requirements for citizens to obtain firearms, but this measure could ensure that people with dissenting opinions are unable to defend themselves.

Trudeau, Putin, Biden, and most world leaders have recently decried citizens as far-right Nazi extremists without valid proof. Anyone could be declared an extremist if they disobey. Germany is taking it to a new extreme by potentially categorizing the entire Alternative for Germany Party (AfG) as dangerous extremists. This group has been vehemently opposed to COVID restrictions as well. This will begin the trend of allowing governments to disarm people based on their political beliefs. They only want citizens to have guns when they are used to promote the government’s agenda. Any dissenters will be labeled dangerous extremists who post a threat to national security. This exact event has happened numerous times throughout history and resulted in the government murdering millions the USSR in 1929 and China in 1935.

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